Letting the Sunshine in: The Benefits of Daylighting

Daylighting is the practice of using natural light as your primary source of daytime indoor lighting. It offers several benefits that make a wood window replacement project worthwhile. Let us give you an overview of what daylighting can do for you and your home.

Benefits of Daylighting

Letting more sunlight into your home does more that just make your indoor spaces brighter. Here are some of the benefits of daylighting.

  • Energy Savings – Choosing the right replacement window styles (or even adding new ones) light up otherwise dim indoor areas during the day. The less you use artificial lighting during the day, the less energy your home requires, resulting in energy savings.

  • Increased Visual Space – Brighter indoor spaces look bigger than they actually are, and they also look more cheerful and welcoming. Natural light also highlights the actual colors of your interior decor, giving it a more natural look, as opposed to the cold, impersonal feel of white frosted bulbs, or the yellow cast of “warm” light bulbs.

  • Health Benefits – Several studies have linked daylighting to positive health effects. Just by living in an environment that has daytime-nighttime cycles in view promotes healthy amounts of sleep, resulting in stress reduction and improved productivity. Other positive effects include faster recovery rates in patients and improvement in cognitive functions that aid school performance.

The Right Windows for Daylighting

Optimizing your home for daylighting requires balancing the wood window replacement styles with the lighting requirements of a particular room, as well as your own preferences. Rooms that could benefit from direct sunlight need large windows like casement windows, picture windows or even window walls installed on east-to-west facing walls. Low-E coatings on our replacement window glazing can block unwanted UV and infrared rays, allowing maximum daylighting with minimum fading and heat gain.

If you prefer softer lighting, you can either use window treatments, or choose to have daylighting-optimized window styles installed on north- or south-facing walls instead. Custom window styles like clerestory windows can likewise be installed in tight spaces, such as converted attic walls and above entry doors. We can help you come up with a complete daylighting strategy when you’re ready to have your windows replaced.

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