Key Features of 4 Common Window Styles

Windows are important design elements that can make or break your home’s overall design. They do more than boost a structure’s architectural layout; they aid in energy efficiency and functionality.

Key Features of 4 Common Window Styles

In today’s post, find out the main features of four common window styles used in many modern and traditional homes.

Bay Windows

People are always looking for a way to maximize their living space. With the bay window’s alcove design, homeowners can utilize the extra room it provides to install built-in shelves or a lounging seat. This type of window is also versatile, as it often has two types of windows: an operable window for ventilation, and a non-operable window for improved viewing.

Picture Windows

A stunning outdoor view is worthy of a spot in your home. You can connect your interior and exterior space by adding unobstructed picture replacement windows. This window style does not only allow you to enjoy the picturesque scene; it also lets an abundant amount of daylight into your living space.

Double-Hung Windows

Many people with traditional homes delay their window replacement because they don’t want to compromise the structure’s original design. This, however, shouldn’t be an issue. Double-hung windows offer a classic look that can help bolster your home’s rustic appeal. Plus, it’s easy to maintain and can fit tight wall spaces.

Slider Windows

Homes with limited space for hinged windows can benefit from this type of window. Slider windows have panels that slide horizontally along a track. This means you won’t have to worry about changing your furniture arrangement to accommodate space-consuming windows.

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