Ideas for Corner Window Treatments

Corner windows are great for allowing as much natural light as possible, as they face two sides of the house. They also give you a good view of your home’s surroundings. It’s often a challenge, however, to find the right style of window treatment for corner windows.

Ideas for Corner Window Treatments

Read on as Kroll Construction, your trusted window, siding, and roofing company, discusses a few suggestions to make your window treatments stand out.

The Matching Image

Make the corner window treatments a mirror image of each other by applying separate multi-layered curtains. The pleasant symmetry defines each window and lets you open or close the treatments separately.

Max Lighting

Let as much natural light as possible through with a piece of sheer white fabric at the top of each window. It gives a classy style that evokes pleasant images of summer.

The Mismatch

If you have completely different types of windows on each wall and don’t like the mismatched look on the corner, window and roofing companies suggest using drapes that extend all the way to the corner, as if they’re one continuous panel. You can cover one window while drawing the drapes to reveal the other.

Symmetrical Windows

For corner windows separated by plenty of wall, use matching window treatments. Consider a minimalist display in the middle. The matching treatments will provide your windows with that unifying look.

Valance for Balance

A continuous line of valance fabric on top of your corner windows will bring instant interest to them, giving them a classy vibe without interrupting the view of the natural light coming from outdoors.

As one of the leading window, siding and roofing companies in the area, Kroll Construction has many more ideas for styling corner windows. Call us at (734) 999-1022 and we can give you some great advice, as well as provide you a free estimate of your home improvement project. We can work with you in Detroit, Michigan.

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