How Your Windows Can Make Your Kitchen Remodel Even Better

When it comes to kitchen remodeling, you’d be surprised how a good window can be crucial to making your kitchen design better than expected. Windows can bring a dose of life into your room thanks to natural lighting and it can serve as an aesthetically appealing feature for any room. With that in mind, you should know how you can incorporate windows into your kitchen remodeling plans to make them even better.

How Your Windows Can Make Your Kitchen Remodel Even Better

In this post, window replacement pros from Kroll Construction discuss the creative ways windows can bring your kitchen remodel together.

Frame a Focal Point Using Your Windows

One way you can use windows in your kitchen remodel is by using it to frame an eye catching feature in your kitchen, like your range hood. By doing so, you create a focal wall that can anchor your kitchen design. Alternatively, you can also frame your sinks with your windows.

Steel Windows

Steel Windows are natural for modern kitchens since they can suit traditional cabinetry and accents. This is because steel can create a striking contrast with any light-colored fixtures in your kitchen and can be complementary for darker colored fixtures.

Cabinetry Bridge

Cabinets are vital to every kitchen and seamlessly integrating the cabinetry around your replacement windows can create an eye-catching custom look for your kitchen. One way you can accomplish this is by installing a cabinetry valance to flank a large center window, which creates a symmetrical cabinetry bridge on both sides.

Decorative Sashes

Aside from its practical functions, kitchen windows can have a decorative function as well. This approach often works well if you have a single window over the sink, which can limit your design options. By adding decorative sashes or ornamental glass work to your window, you can create a focal point that stands out in your kitchen.

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