How to Secure Your Windows

Windows are a source of natural indoor lighting and ventilation, but if not secured properly, unwanted guests can use them to infiltrate your home. Here are some tips on securing your replacement windows

How to Secure Your Windows

Installing Window Locks 

Unwanted guests could attempt to pry the window sash—the latches securing the window panes—open to enter your home, which is why contractors recommend installing window locks to secure the window sash. 

Here’s an overview of different kinds of window locks: 

  • Hinged wedge locks – A hinged wedge lock is installed between the two window panes of a single- or double-hung window and prevents unwanted guests from prying the window open from outside even when it’ left slightly open. To fully open a window, simply move the lock to the side. 
  • Window pin locks – If you need to secure any old windows in your home, you could install a window pin lock. To install the pin lock, you’ll need to drill one or two small holes in the window frame. However, it’s best to let a professional contractor from one of your local window companies handle the installation of the window locks. 
  • Keyed locks – The problem with using keyed locks is that they could be more of a hindrance if the keys get lost. 

Install Motion Detectors 

There’s also the high-tech option of installing motion detectors lights or alarms. The noise from these alarms can scare off unwanted guests that managed to infiltrate your home, but in general, they’re best used as a supplementary security precaution. 

What About Security Bars? 

Security bars can prevent unwanted guests from breaking into your home, but they can also prevent you from using your windows as an exit during an emergency. Not to mention local building codes might have restrictions on the use of window security devices, which is why it’s best to consult a professional window contractor before installing a window security device. 

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