How Roof Pitch Affects the Cost of a New Roof

One of the lesser-known factors that can increase the costs of a roof replacement is the roof pitch or slope. Here’s how the slope of your new roof can affect roofing costs: 

How Roof Pitch Affects the Cost of a New Roof+

Roof Pitch and Material and Labor Costs

Professional contractors usually give higher estimates for steep-sloped roofs because of higher material and labor costs. For instance, roofing contractors would need more shingles to cover a steep-sloped roof. Not to mention working on a steep-sloped roof has significant safety risks, which is why contractors need to use additional safety equipment such as rigging or scaffolding. 

Does This Mean Low-Slope Roofs Are Cheaper or Easier to Install?

Not necessarily. Roofing systems with a low slope, also called flat roofs, are usually found in commercial buildings. The term flat roof is a bit of a misnomer–they’re still slightly elevated to ensure rainwater doesn’t pond on the surface of your roof and flows to the drains. 

Flat roofs also need more durable roofing membranes because they’re more prone to leaks and ultraviolet damage. After all, water tends to pond on flat surfaces, which are also more exposed to the sun. As such, a flat roofing system won’t necessarily be less expensive than a steep-sloped roof. 

Focusing on Durability

It’s important to keep roofing costs under control, but you shouldn’t get too preoccupied with the costs. When planning a roof replacement, you also need to take into account how you can maximize the returns on your investment. For more tips on how to maximize your ROIs, consult one of your local roofing companies

Looking for roofers near you? Here’s a vetting tip: The number of years a contractor has been working in the industry should give you a good idea of their level of expertise. 

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