Historic Window Replacement: Key Factors to Consider

Most rules of window replacement don’t apply when historic units are in question. Since they have historical value which must be maintained, you need to do your due diligence more carefully when tackling a rehabilitation project.

Window Replacement

Recreating your vintage units can be tricky, but you don’t necessarily need to do a wood window replacement to restore your home’s old-world grace. Using the superior alternative material, vinyl, Kroll Construction shares the key factors to consider when rehabilitating your historic glass units:


You can change the material and get away with it as long as you nail the visual qualities. The dimensions, profiles, grids, and exterior and interior finishes are all important aesthetic features to get right. Otherwise, your replacement units would instantly look fake to the trained eye.

To pull off a successful historic window rehabilitation, you need a company that specializes in traditional architecture. You should work with a contractor, like Kroll Construction, that knows the nuances of window details among Victorian, Colonial, Prairie, and other classic home styles.

We’re adept at virtually every architectural movement. We use our knowledge to bring your aging units to life—just in vinyl frames. Since you don’t need to spend anything on wood window replacement, you can kiss the downsides of timber goodbye for good.


While emulating the appearance of your historic windows is paramount, the need to adhere to tradition depends on the location of the units. For instance, the windows on the street-facing façade are more important than the ones located on the rear side of your home. The accuracy of the details also becomes more significant the closer the windows are to the ground.


The operation of your replacement windows should be consistent with those of their predecessors. Just because it’s possible to sneak casements as double-hungs using grids doesn’t mean you should install casements when your historic units are double-hungs. The window style is one thing you should leave untouched, or else your project would be a failure.

When it’s time to replace your historic glass units, don’t do a wood window replacement. Rather, invest in vinyl recreations to slash maintenance costs and enjoy the wonders of energy efficiency.

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