Here's Why You Should Replace Your Old Wood Windows

Wood windows have been a favored window material in the past—and that is where they should remain. Moving on with replacement materials that can protect your home better is the crux of a wood window replacement. Despite how sturdy wood windows are, their disadvantages become apparent over time.

Here's Why You Should Replace Your Old Wood Windows

If you feel hesitant about switching to newer window models, here are a few reasons wood windows aren’t worth it:

They Blister and Crack

Wood window maintenance is time-consuming and expensive. When wood windows age, the paint on their frames blister and crack. Not only is this an unpleasant sight but it also requires additional work and maintenance. That is why they are repainted often since wood is also susceptible to pests such as termites or mold when their paint fades and they exposed to water. Once your wood window is left untreated, it easily loses its aesthetic appeal.

They Deteriorate Quickly

Over the years, your wood windows will show signs of deterioration. They swell with moisture, lose their energy efficiency and become difficult to operate. These problems won’t go away with a wood window replacement. You’d still experience these disadvantages once your window replacement ages. There are plenty of window materials that do the same for your home without compromising functionality.

They Cost More

Save money when you install a more modern window material like vinyl. Wood windows are actually proven to have a higher initial cost than any other window materials. And if you still want the same appeal, modern material technology has allowed other materials, like vinyl, the ability to mimic the texture of wood.

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