Getting the Best Work From Your Contractors

Although hiring a professional contractor is a good step for home improvement, it isn’t always easy. Just because you have a trained expert who installs replacement windows doesn’t mean you can relax. You should be prepared with active management and supervision. Otherwise, you might end up with something you didn’t pay for.

Communicate with Them

The key to getting what both parties want is proper communication. Remember that they may know how to do the project but you need to know how it’s progressing. Try to meet with the leader once a day to monitor their progress. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or discuss any concerns about what they do. This can help you clarify what they have in mind for your doors, floor and windows.

Track Everything In Writing

Be sure to record all incidents and progress in writing. Make sure you understand what the team has done that day and what they haven’t yet. This helps you keep a record for future reference from payment to settling disputes (if they come up). Keep in mind that if you decide to add to the project or change it, you must discuss it with the leader then write it down in the contract.

Pay Upon Completed Work Only

Once the workers complete a section, check them out and see if they did what you asked. When you are satisfied, always be sure to pay them appropriately. Contracts often require payments for installments so be sure to pay only what you agreed upon. Never try to pay more than 10% of the entire contract since this would risk workmanship for anything from roofing to replacement windows.

Show Them a Good Time

Just because they are working for you doesn’t mean they are only there as workers. Be a nice customer and help them out. This can range from feeding them when it’s break time to complementing them for finished jobs (that you are happy with). Building a pleasant relationship now encourages future references and cooperation.

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