From Ordinary to Fabulous: Window Seat Ideas

It’s nice to have energy-efficient windows, but it’s even better when you can transform a window area to a window seat. Who doesn’t like a window seat? It provides additional seating space without taking up much floor area, the seat is bathed in natural light, and it always makes the area more interesting. In addition, the seat can play double duty as a storage option.

From Ordinary to Fabulous: Window Seat Ideas

At Kroll Construction, we’re always on the lookout for the best ideas that can improve our customers’ home lives. Here are some of our favorite window seat ideas.

Cloudy, Cozy and Comfy

Make your window seat simple yet irresistible, as if you’re sitting on clouds! Get the plumpest and softest faux fur pillows you can find to adorn a simple window seat and watch as it transforms into an inviting area for relaxing.

The Airy Attic

Attics are usually used for storage and not much else. To get much more out of your attic, turn it into a home office or an extra room. Install new replacement windows that let in as much natural light as possible while limiting heat transference, and turn the area into a daybed/window seat. Add a few potted plants to the room and make it airy and inspiring.

The Deep and Narrow

Don’t know what to do with a deep and narrow dormer window? Whichever room it’s in, you can enjoy the benefits of a reading nook in that space. If the room needs a heating vent, under the window seat is where it should be. It will keep the soft cushion warm in the winter.

The Hidden Dresser

Dressers can sometimes make a room look and feel smaller with all the floor area they occupy. If you don’t mind keeping all your clothes neatly folded, get rid of the dresser and convert every window area into a window seat with pull-out storage drawers underneath. It will give your room more natural light and more space for walking around too.

We can install your new replacement windows and help you come up with some brilliant window seat layouts. Call Kroll Construction today at (734) 999-1022. Let’s talk about your home improvement needs in Detroit, Michigan.

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