From Bland to Grand: Five Bathroom Window Ideas

It has been said that the bathroom is the one place where you can scale if the house is clean or not. Bathrooms are used multiple times a day. Apart from the kitchen, it’s the one part of the home where every member of the household frequents. With its importance, bathrooms should always be a priority when it comes to service and maintenance.

From Bland to Grand: Five Bathroom Window Ideas

Kroll Construction, the go-to company for replacement windows in Michigan, understands the important role of bathrooms in every household. Like many things, your bathroom is made of many components that all have to blend with each other harmoniously. One of these is your bathroom windows, and we’re glad to share five ideas you can try.

1. Picture Style
If you have a huge bath mirror, choose Kroll Construction’s picture window style to install a corner window. The combination of the window and the mirror will expand the view of the bathroom. The mirror will reflect the corner window, which will instantly increase the amount of natural light.

2. Delightful Décor
Elevate your bathroom’s visual appeal with beautiful decorative replacement windows in Detroit. You have four beveled glass styles to choose from to fit your bath’s gorgeous vanity, lavish storage boxes, and a huge claw-foot bathtub. The decorative windows will especially look stunning with a bathroom painted in white.

3. Semi-Circle
Highlight your whirlpool bathtub with Kroll Construction’s bow windows. With the semi-circle design of the windows, you can instantly enhance the aesthetics appeal of the bathroom. Notwithstanding the optional lights that come with the bow windows, they can also let the natural lights inside the room.

4. Bay Design
A set of bay windows in Detroit bathrooms presents the perfect spot to highlight a freestanding tub. When the shades are left open, you’ll get the most soothing view of the landscape outside, thanks to the flood of natural lights that can lit up the entire room.

5. A Room with a View
Installing a huge single (or double) hung window presents a relaxing view of your private landscape while meditating inside the bath. This type of window design suits both traditional and contemporary bath interiors.

Use these bathroom window ideas to upgrade your bath into a relaxing, sacred space. Trust Kroll Construction for all your windows needs. Give us a call at (888) 338-6340 to get started on your dream bathroom.

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