Factors That Dictate Window Size

There are different factors you should consider before getting a vinyl or wood window replacement. It’s not just a matter of choosing what you think would look great on your home. It also involves other things like the size, the glazing, the hardware and more. 

To make sure you get the right size for every window you’re replacing, take this information into account.


Factors That Dictate Window Size


Standard Sizes Are Available

One size fits all is not a general rule when it comes to  wood window replacement. The same is true about other materials, as well. However, standard sizes do exist. Manufacturers make them so that they would fit in most houses. The benefit of choosing a standard window size is availability, as your contractor or their supplier is likely to have those windows in stock. The costs might also be more manageable as they don’t have to customize.

Orientation Is Important

Larger windows have become more popular over the years, with the growing focus on natural lighting, ventilation and the enjoyment of beautiful views. But you can’t just go big or go home when it comes to windows. Take the orientation into account. The side of your home that receives less sun can do better with bigger windows, but the side that gets drenched in sunlight will probably be better off having smaller windows. You don’t want heat transfer or blinding brightness to become a problem after installing your windows.

Cost Matters

Of course, the bigger your windows, the more material is used, from the frame to the glass. Especially if you want double glazing, that cost can grow, as well. Be sure to talk to your contractor about this. They might offer you better pricing if you install more regular-sized windows instead of a few big ones.

Style May Dictate Size

Some windows are just better when they’re bigger, including picture windows. If you’re getting a double-hung wood window replacement, chances are it’s not going to be bigger than a picture or bay window. Your contractor will be able to help you determine which style of window will work for every part of your home, then you can discuss the right sizes.

Here are more considerations when it comes to window size:

  • Don’t make the sills so high that you can’t see over them when you’re sitting.
  • Rooms with high ceilings look better with proportionately taller windows.
  • Leave room for installing the window treatment you prefer, such as curtain rods.
  • Measure with your home’s overall aesthetics in mind.
  • Glass options might vary depending on size. For example, tempered glass is great for low windows. With big windows, security may become more of a concern than aesthetics.

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