Energy Efficiency: Factors for a High-Performance Home

A high-performance home is something you can be proud of and comfortable living in. It’s also a home you can sell for max profit. Compare your home to the list below to determine if you have a high-performance home. If your home doesn’t measure up, you can hire professional roofing contractors to make the necessary changes.

Energy Efficiency: Factors for a High-Performance Home

Low Energy Requirements

A high-performance home makes living comfortable without using too much energy. The rest of the items on this list should contribute one way or another to this requirement.

Low-E Windows

If your home was built a long time ago (pre-80s), chances are your windows could use some improvement. Replace them with Low-E windows that are the product of today’s more advanced technologies.


The roof is one of the biggest components of your home’s thermal envelope. Seal in the cooled or heated air with a good roofing system. Roofing professionals today have the right materials and practices to ensure the highest roof performance.


Next to the roof, siding is the biggest component of your home. Insulated siding is great for lowering energy use. Vinyl is a great example of good-looking, efficient and reasonably priced siding.


The biggest user of energy in any home is typically the HVAC. While traditional furnaces that run on fuel or electricity are great, you can find better HVACs today thanks to improvements in technology. Look into air-sourced and geothermal heat pumps for a more natural way to heat your home.

A high-performance home is achievable with today’s technologies. From roofing to replacement windows, Kroll Construction is ready to provide what your home needs to upgrade its performance. Call us today in Detroit at (734) 999-1022.

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