Does Homeowner’s Insurance Pay For Your New Windows?

Like most exterior home components, your windows will break down over time. They’ll need to be replaced once this happens. But will you need to pay for the upgrade yourself, or will your homeowner’s insurance cover it? One of the trusted window and roofing companies in the area, Kroll Construction, answers this here.

Does Homeowner’s Insurance Pay For Your New Windows?

The Short Answer is Yes

Your homeowner’s insurance will pay for your new windows, yes, but this will depend on a couple of factors. How, for instance, did the windows incur damage? Home insurance policies only provide coverage for qualifying situations. That’s why the way your existing windows have sustained damage can affect your claim. Was it because of a major weather event? Have they suffered damage due to impact by wind-blown debris? Should this be the case, your window replacement may be covered by your homeowner insurance. 

Once you get approval from your insurance provider, turn to one of the area’s leading window and roofing companies, Kroll Construction, for your vinyl replacement windows. We carry the highest quality options from Alside. Featuring a multi-chamber design for excellent insulation, ClimaTech glass for greater thermal performance, and a host of customization features, our Alside windows can fit your home’s aesthetic and energy efficiency needs.

But Not If the Reason is Normal Wear and Tear

The fact is that windows will sustain some amount of damage every day due to their exposure to the elements. Normal wear and tear–and old age–are not covered by homeowner’s insurance. The same goes for accidental damage and poor maintenance. Insurance providers view window repair and maintenance as the homeowner’s responsibility. If window failure has resulted from water leakage, mold growth or seal failure caused by lack of maintenance, you will need to pay for the replacement yourself. 

Your Reliable Window Expert

Kroll Construction is not just your premier roofing company–we are also your go-to expert in window replacement. You’re always sure of a smooth and worry-free experience when you choose us to handle your home upgrades. We proudly serve the areas in and around Garden City and Detroit, Michigan. Call us today at (888) 338-6340 or fill out this contact form to schedule your window consultation.

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