Do You Need House Wrap Before Siding Installation?

When installing new siding on your home, you might ask yourself if you should install house wrap first. It’s tempting to jump into it right away. However, if you’re new to this, you must know whether you need it or not. In this post, a leading wood window replacement contractor explains whether you should install a house wrap before siding installation or not.

Do You Need House Wrap Before Siding Installation?

What’s a House Wrap?

A house wrap may come in the form of fabric, paper or board material that wraps the exterior sheathing of house walls to preserve the wall framing. One of its functions is to stop the water from penetrating the wall cavity.

Basically, it’s a house’s barrier against moisture and air. It also takes charge of producing a radiant barrier that aids in decreasing the heating and cooling costs by serving as an additional layer of insulation.

Does Your House Need House Wrap?

The type of house wrap your home needs will depend on the home’s construction method. You can always trust a professional siding and wood window replacement contractor when it comes to deciding whether you should install house wrap. Your home contractor also has the final say, especially because they’ll be considering your home’s location. The climate is a big factor. For example, homeowners with homes located in areas with a cold climate may install a vapor barrier on just one side of the home. 

Do You Need a House Wrap Before Siding Installation?

Most sidings are resistant to water infiltration. However, there are some sidings that are more vulnerable to water infiltration. If your siding’s main material is wood, house wrap barriers bring big relief. Wood sidings have many seams where the boards overlap. 

If your siding has large panels, like vinyl or aluminum cladding, a house wrap is an excellent addition as well. Water can penetrate through the cracks where the pieces are combined. Meanwhile, sidings made from brick, stucco and other masonry-based materials also work well with house wrap. However, your contractor should utilize the right type. 

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