Avoid These Curb Appeal Mistakes When Selling Your Home

Before placing your home on the market, do something about its curb appeal so that it makes an outstanding first impression. About 75% of buyers drive by to check out a house after seeing the listing online, making the curb appeal an essential component of getting potential buyers in the door.

Avoid These Curb Appeal Mistakes When Selling Your Home

In this blog, Kroll Construction, the area’s wood window replacement expert, shares some major curb appeal mistakes if you’re selling your home, which you want to look its best at all times. Don’t blow it by overlooking these errors.

Clutter. A bunch of shoes by the front door, some outdoor furniture, toys, a garden hose just lying topsy-turvy, etc. — these are not going to help you attract buyers. Get rid of clutter first.

Outdated Fixtures. Door hardware, house number, mailbox and light fixtures, among others, should all look stylish and fresh. Up-to-date fixtures don’t just show effort, but will also make your home look brighter for possible buyers even in the evenings.

Peeling Paint. This is never a good thing, whether it’s on the siding, the trim, the porch or the fence. It immediately tells potential buyers that you’ve been neglecting the house and they are likely to spend a lot of money and time on its upkeep. Any buyer would sooner move on to the next house than to take that risk.

Bold Colors. Bright colors are cheerful but they are less attractive to buyers than neutrals. Don’t let your bold taste scare off the possible next owners of your house. A house painted with colors that set it apart from the rest of the neighborhood is harder to sell, in most cases. Now, a bad paint job is also one mistake that can’t be corrected easily. It’s not practical to repaint the entire exterior, including a poorly maintained siding. Vinyl siding provides a beautiful, low-maintenance alternative to this problem.

Scraping and painting your home’s wood siding and problematic paint jobs every few years is time-consuming. Vinyl siding delivers the warm, quality appearance of wood without the maintenance and repairs. Vinyl won’t split, peel or rot.

Old Windows. You can repaint old windows, but if they’re chipped, cracked, stuck or falling apart, chances are good that buyers will still say no. Others may make a low bid. Old windows can really toss curb appeal down the drain. Think about wood window replacement.

Wood is one of your best options, as this project is also known to recoup good numbers. Its beauty is timeless and it’s also one of the most energy-efficient framing types.

Kroll Construction can provide you with more advice, especially if you’re looking for a good wood window replacement option. Call us now at (844) 688-9632 for a free estimate. We serve clients in Detroit, MI, and in other cities in Michigan.

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