Attic Insulation: Common Myths and The Truth Behind Them

According to roofing experts, attic insulation is one of the ways you can keep your roof in top shape and keep your home at a comfortable temperature at the same time. However, some homeowners are still hesitant to install them in their attics due to a few myths and misconceptions, such as:


Warm Weather Climates Don’t Need Attic Insulation

Whenever homeowners in warm areas hear the word “insulation”, they tend to think that it’s meant for trapping heat inside their homes. Due to this, they tend to think that homes in areas with warm climates don’t need attic insulation. In actuality, however, it can also prevent unwanted heat from entering your home, especially during the summer months. This reduces the load on your cooling system, helping you spend less on your cooling bills.

Insulation Can Cause Fires and Damage to Your Home

Another common myth that surrounds attic insulation is that they can cause fires and damage your home. While this used to have a grain of truth to it, roofing contractors say that most insulation companies nowadays will usually conduct house inspections to determine the best kind of insulation for your home. So long as this insulation is properly installed in your home, it won’t cause fires or damage to your home.

Insulation is Only For the Colder Months

On the other hand, there are also some homeowners who think that attic insulation is only useful during the winter season. The truth is attic insulation is useful no matter what time of the year it is; during the summer, it can prevent excess heat from entering your home and during the winter season, it can keep heat in. Either way, your HVAC system will consume less energy, allowing you to save a significant amount on your heating and cooling bills.

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