Areas of Your Home Susceptible to Heat Loss

No house is 100% leak-proof. Some leaks remove a big portion of your home’s heat, thus increasing your energy costs during colder temperatures. If a homeowner knows which parts of their home are susceptible to heat loss and how to prevent it, they may be able to decrease their energy consumption. In this post, Kroll Construction, one of the best local window companies, will discuss areas of your home that lose the most heat and how you can remedy heat loss.

Areas of Your Home Susceptible to Heat Loss

1. Walls

You’re losing approximately 35% of your home’s heat because of the walls. This is primarily because walls are in physical contact with the cold temperature. If your home is poorly insulated, the conduction of heat energy through the walls will be successful, which results in the colder temperature inside. To prevent this from happening, home contractors fill the space between the outside and inside walls with material that has natural insulation properties.

2. Windows and Doors

25% of a home’s heat loss is because of windows and doors. The warm air usually seeps out of the air leaks and cracks. However, you can prevent this heat loss by caulking the joints on the window and door frames. You can also opt for window replacement by installing triple-glazed windows. This type of window has three pieces of glass with 1/3 of an inch gap. These gaps allow natural insulation that helps in decreasing heat loss through windows.

3. Roofs

Warm air rises and as it does, it seeps out of your home through your roof’s perforations. In fact, most homeowners lose 25% of their home heat through the leaks and holes of their attic and roof. The warm also escapes through under-insulation. To fix this, you have to seal the cracks and holes in your attic. You can also add insulation to maximize your home’s heat.

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