A Few Different Ways to Use Window Seats

Do your rooms need extra storage or a bit more space? As one of the top window companies in the area, Kroll Construction recommends installing bay windows with built-in window seats during your window replacement. A bay window can highlight a fantastic view, provide ventilation, add storage space, serve as a reading nook and more. Learn more about the ways to use a bay window here:

A Few Different Ways to Use Window Seats

As a Place to Admire the View

A bay window is one of the few window types that can expand a room. They protrude from your exterior, which can create extra space. You can put a cushion on this space and pillows, turning it into a nook where you can sit and admire the view. With a large enough bay or bow window, you can even stretch out and lie down.

As Storage Space

Another reason bay windows are excellent replacement windows is the amount of storage space they add to a room. You can add built-in shelving and other storage to a window seat and use it to store important, but rarely used items for a room. For example, extra curtains for your living room. For even more window seat ideas, contact Kroll Construction.

As a Place to Relax After Reading

Bay windows are also a good choice for studies. You can turn the area surrounding the bay window into a workspace, or use the extra space to store books and other items. Or you could use the window seat to relax and recharge while studying by admiring the great view.

As Extra Seating in a Dining Room

Window seats can also allow you to serve and entertain more guests in your dining room. Use comfortable upholstered cushions together with a small circular table in front of the window seat. Meanwhile, the space underneath the seat can store extra silverware, plates and other items.

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