6 Window Questions Answered by the Pros

Windows, like any other components of your home, can deteriorate over time. Old and damaged windows look unsightly and can cause energy bills to rise. When this happens, make sure you get quality windows from trusted contractors like Kroll Construction.

6 Window Questions Answered by the Pros

To help you choose the right windows, we answer some of the common questions about window replacement:

1. How do I evaluate my windows?
You can look for visible signs of damage that signal wood window replacement in Detroit, Michigan. Signs include color fading in furniture and condensation between panes. Harmful ultraviolet rays cause discoloration, while condensation indicates seal failure.

2. When should I replace windows?
It is important that you have your windows regularly maintained to ensure efficient performance. When your windows are 20 or more years old, it is time to have them replaced.

3. Why should I get vinyl-framed replacement windows?
New windows are durable and reduce maintenance costs. These can also increase property value and lower energy costs. You can also ask for custom-made vinyl windows that will fit your specific needs.

4. How can energy-efficient windows save me money in terms of utility bills?
Energy-efficient vinyl windows have low-E glass packages and insulating frames. Together, these materials help prevent the transfer of heat or cold into your homes. This way, you can maintain a constant and comfortable indoor temperature.

5. What type of frame is the most energy-efficient?
According to the Department of Energy, vinyl windows have moderate to high R-values that indicate good performance against heat flow. This is due to the multi-chambered construction and fusion-welded corners of the frame. Vinyl frames are more effective when paired with low-E glass.

6. What kind of glass should I get?
Low-E glass controls the amount of convection between glass panes. You should also ask for gas fills to go in between these panes. This gas could be composed of either argon or krypton, both of which are harmless elements that prevent heat and cold transfer between panes.

Kroll Construction has been handling wood window replacement in Detroit, MI for over 50 years. We offer energy-efficient and reliable options from Alside. These windows come with low-E glass, insulated frames, and durable finishes that create a beautiful, protected, and comfortable home.

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