6 Tips From IKO To Keep In Mind When Choosing Shingle Colors

There are many colors you can choose for your roof’s shingles. In fact, choosing your shingle colors are one of the ways you can let your creativity shine. However, while you may have an abundance of color options, there are many things that will determine if the color you want for your roofing system will even suit your home. With that in mind, it’s easy to have a hard time picking a color for your shingles.

6 Tips From IKO To Keep In Mind When Choosing Shingle Colors

In this post, Kroll Construction explains six tips from IKO that every homeowner should keep in mind when choosing your shingle colors.

  1. Consider Your Home’s Exterior – Since your home’s exterior determines its curb appeal, you should make a conscious effort to make your shingles match your home’s exterior components, such as the siding. That way, it can come together to make an aesthetically pleasing facade.

  1. Geographic Location – Oftentimes, where you live will also determine your shingle’s colors. If you live in areas with humid climates, light-colored shingles might suit your home since they can also keep your home’s interior cooler. Some shingles also have a special algae-resistant granules that can help prevent the growth of blue-green algae in places where roof algae is common.

  1. Avoid Dark Colors – As much as possible, avoid dark colors for your roofing shingles, especially if you live in areas with warm climates. This is because darker colors absorb heat and can contribute to your increasing your home’s summer cooling bills. However, if you live in areas with colder climates, then dark colors are a suitable choice for your shingles.

  1. Consider Your Neighbors – Every homeowner wants their home to stand out, especially if they have plans to sell in the future. However, while being unique is okay, standing out too much can cause your home to clash with your neighbors’ and can even decrease your property values. While you can try to make your home unique, keep in mind to choose a shingle color that harmonizes well with your neighbors’ homes.

  1. Home Style – Depending on your architectural style, some shingle colors may suit your home and some may not. You should choose a shingle color that can complement and contrast your home at the same time to avoid a bland and boring look. For instance, traditional colors work well with the Victorian, Queen Anne, and Colonial home styles.

  1. Use a Home Visualizer Tool – Alternatively, if you’re still having a hard time choosing your roof’s shingle colors, you can always use a home visualizer tool to help you. Simply download the app on your phone, upload a photo of your home and see how your shingle choice will look when applied to your home.

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