6 Ideal Windows for the Bedroom

Windows are an important consideration in home renovation. Choosing which type, style and feature can be overwhelming. We break them down so you can decide what’s best for your bedroom.

Double or Single-Hung

Double-hung windows feature two sashes, one stacked over the other. Both sashes open to allow air flow and tilt inward for easy cleaning. Single-hung windows have only one moving sash. The top sash is always fixed in place. Both types are usually utilized in bedrooms to allow plenty of air flow.


Sliding replacement windows feature two sashes placed side by side. Double slider windows let you slide both sashes. Single slider windows have only one fixed panel. Sliders are common in bedrooms and allow you to control how much fresh air to let in.


These windows feature a single sash hinged on one side and swing open a full 90° outward. They are common in older buildings, but can add charm to your attic or bedroom.


Hinged at the top, awning windows open outwards to about 30 or 45 degrees. They protect your interior from rainy weather even when open, but do not allow as much airflow as other types of windows.


Picture windows consist of fixed panes of glass. They allow lots of natural light, but not fresh air into your bedroom. Common in a large living or dining room, they are sometimes paired with other types.


Bay windows consist of three windows mulled together at 30° or 45° angles. They extend outward from the frame of the house. They can serve as reading nooks or eating areas and are most common in dining or living areas. They serve as a good means of letting natural light and fresh air into your room.

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