4 Window Replacement Mistakes Skilled Pros Don’t Make

While installing new windows might seem easy to do on your own, it is a job best left to the hands of a skilled professional. Each step of the installation process must be done carefully to prevent mistakes that can lead to potential problems and premature system failure. 

4 Window Replacement Mistakes Skilled Pros Don’t Make

In this article, Kroll Construction, the leading company for top notch wood window replacement in the region, shares four mistakes good window installers don’t commit.

1. Wrong Size of Rough Opening – Depending on the manufacturer and window style, rough opening requirements may vary. Some units have an inherent feature that makes them fit nearly all rough opening sizes, while others come in fixed, standard measurements.

2. Missing Back Slope – When installing a new unit for your wood window replacement, the rough opening sill has to be sloped to divert water that has reached the building envelope back to the outdoors. Professional contractors accomplish this by trimming the cripple studs at an angle or by putting a sill wedge or sloped fan once the rough opening has been formed. Additionally, they add to the height of the rough opening to fit the sill-wedge or sloped pan.

3. Poor Flashing Application – Before the installation, your contractor must first remove dirt and other debris from the seal. This will increase the adherence of flashing membranes and tapes. A good contractor will follow the manufacturer’s guidelines before installing the flashing.

4. Working with Dirty Hands – A professional would be careful not to smear foam and sealant on any finished component of your windows. They will come in with an extra pair of gloves for foam and sealant applications.

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