4 Tips to Maximize Your Outdoor Views Through Windows

If your home happens to be located shoreside or surrounded by a tall tree line, the last thing you want is an environment that disconnects from these surroundings. The right kind of windows can help you connect without sacrificing indoor comfort.

As one of the leading window companies in Garden City, Michigan, let Kroll Construction share with you some tips on how to maximize your outdoor views through your windows.

  1. Connect the indoors to the outdoors – A single, large window provides a better viewing experience over several small windows. When in doubt, choose a clean, uninterrupted view when possible. You can choose floor-to-ceiling windows with sliding patio doors for access. Alternatively, choose picture windows, casement windows, or sliding windows. Generally, you’ll want to forego the grilles, but the right grille style could help spice up an otherwise all-glass window.

  2. Keep an eye out – Apart from its aesthetic advantages, windows allow visual communication between both sides. A home office with a view of the yard lets parents work at home while keeping an eye on their children at play. You can easily see if someone is approaching your home, or when the kids arrive home from school.

  3. Maintain your privacy – Large glass windows would allow people to casually look into your home. Careful selection of replacement windows and where to install them can resolve many privacy issues. While tinted glass can be an option, your indoors would still be visible at night. Fortunately, there are several window treatment designs to choose from that aren’t intrusive, such as curtains, Roman shades, and retractable blinds. Alternatively, consider partially-obscured window glass.

  4. Optimize your windows for daylighting – Daylighting is the practice of illuminating a building through natural light. It has several known benefits, from promoting healthy amounts of sleep by maintaining the occupants’ body clocks to energy savings from reduced reliance on electrical lighting. While not exactly related to views, strategically-positioned windows let you take advantage of the numerous benefits of daylighting, while still enjoying beautiful views.

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