4 Kinds of Roofing Damage to Address as Winter Ends

The winter season is the most brutal time of the year when it comes to home maintenance due to the season’s low temperatures and weather extremes. During this time of the year, your home could sustain various kinds of damage. As it is your home’s first line of defense, your roofing system isn’t exempted from these winter damages.

Here are the four kinds of winter roofing damage that you need to address before the season ends.

4 Kinds of Roofing Damage to Address as Winter Ends

  1. Ice Dams – The most common problem that your roof can experience during winter are ice dams. Ice dams form when melting ice and snow in the warmer sections of your roof flows down and re-freezes on the lower sections and your gutters. As water pools behind the dam, they can seep beneath your shingles and leak into your home, causing damage in the process. If your roof is already suffering from ice dams, contact a professional to remove them immediately. Otherwise, be sure to have attic ventilation improved to minimize any chances of them occurring.
  1. Icicles – Another common issue that your roof can face during the winter season are icicles. While icicles may look neat, they can actually be hazardous to you, your family members and your pets. Not only can they injure you if they break off but their excessive weight can also damage your roof. To discourage icicle formation, be sure to keep your gutters as clear as possible.
  1. Condensation – According to roofing contractors, moisture is your roof’s number one enemy. Unfortunately, during the winter season, moisture is a common occurrence as the warm air from your home can meet the cold surface of your roof and cause condensation. This can lead to wood rot that can damage your roof’s structural integrity. If you’re looking to prevent your home’s condensation from getting worse, experts recommend that you ensure your attic is properly ventilated and upgrade its ventilation if it isn’t.
  1. Heavy Rooftop Snow Loads – Different roofing systems are designed to handle different weight loads. Unfortunately, if too much snow piles up on your roof, it can collapse and damage your home in the process. With that in mind, if you notice that too much snow is piling on your rooftop, contact a professional to remove the snow as soon as possible.

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