4 Drawbacks of DIY Window Replacement

Sooner or later, your home may need replacement windows. This is especially true if you notice a significant spike in your energy bills, especially during the hot and cold months. Should you do it yourself or hire a professional? Having the tools and the basic know-how may tempt you to do it yourself. But even if you have basic construction knowledge, it will still be a difficult job. Kroll Construction explains the drawbacks of DIY work.

The Unexpected

After you remove the old window, you never know what you may find. Everything may look fine on the outside, but is the inside sound as well? The frame could be rotten or there may be other types of damage. Are you ready to fix them? Do you have the tools and knowledge needed? If not, you’ll need to either learn how or hire a professional.

Loss of Warranty

Premier window companies provide warranties to protect your new windows for at least a few years or so in case of damage. Almost all warranties, however, have limitations. If you replace them yourself, you will lose any benefits the warranty may have provided. Many manufacturers demand that a licensed professional do a window replacement.

Furthermore, installing energy-efficient windows yourself disqualifies you from ENERGY STARĀ® rebates. So be sure to read through the warranty first and determine if you still want to risk a DIY. Or go to professionals like Kroll Construction. We provide generous warranties for every product and material we install.

Length of Time

Window installation is not an easy process. A professional needs several hours to install one window. If you do it yourself, you could end up spending all day. So if you don’t want to spend your entire weekend replacing windows, then hire the pros.

Risk of Injury

If you try to do window replacement yourself, you risk injury, especially if the window is high up. You could fall off an unstable ladder or get cut by shattered glass. You could also get hurt by a tool or drop the window. If you have concerns about your safety, hire a professional.

Kroll Construction is the leading window replacement company you can trust. With a deep well of experience to draw from and our commitment to quality, we provide the best value for your money. We proudly serve both homeowners and businesses in and around Michigan. Call us at (844) 688-9632 for professional window replacement.

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