3 Things to Look for in a High-Performing Window

The windows do more than just look pretty on the exterior of a home. These structures play a key role in regulating the energy efficiency of a property through ventilation and insulation. As a homeowner, you want to look for a high-performing window that can have a positive impact on your home and even reduce your monthly energy consumption.

3 Things to Look for in a High-Performing Window

Kroll Construction, your wood window replacement experts, shares the three things to look for in a high-performing window.

Warm Edge Insulating Glass

This technology helps windows contribute more to the energy efficiency needs of a household. It works by providing better thermal insulation between the panes of glass in an insulated glass unit. The most energy-efficient spacers are non -metallic ones as they ensure less cold or heat passes from one side of the glass unit to the other.

A window with this glass technology provides natural insulation that protects against changing temperatures. On your next wood window replacement, look for a window that has this energy-efficient insulating glass.

Thermal Barrier Technology

Windows that boast a thermal barrier can significantly improve the overall energy efficiency of the entire structure. This technology is usually found on aluminum frame windows as this material has poor thermal insulation compared with wood and vinyl. That said, there are wooden and vinyl windows that have this thermal barrier technology as part of their structure and these are usually labelled “cool windows” as they reduce heat intrusion more effectively.

A Custom-Fit Installation

The overall performance of your new window isn’t just dependent on its smart technologies. How they are installed also affects how energy-efficient it really is. That’s why at Kroll Construction, all of our windows are custom-fit exclusively for your home.

Off-the-shelf replacement windows may not perfectly fit window openings and will result in gaps and cracks that allow drafts. Our replacement windows are custom manufactured and installed according to your home’s measurements so that they are as airtight and energy-efficient as possible.

We offer high performing windows on your next wood window replacement project. Call us today at (844) 688-9632 to learn more about our services or schedule a free in-home consultation and estimate for your new windows. We offer wood window replacement in Detroit, MI, and other parts of Michigan.

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