3 Telltale Signs of a Home Improvement Scammer

The home improvement industry is worth billions, with a 6% annual growth that’s projected to increase in the coming years. Unfortunately, the steady rise of lifestyle-enhancing projects means big business not just for home remodelers but for frauds as well.

3 Telltale Signs of a Home Improvement Scammer

The good news is you can avoid falling victim to these home improvement scammers. Today’s article from Kroll Construction, one of the most trusted roofing contractors in Detroit, lists three things to look for.

A remodeler is most likely a fraud if:

1. They Want to Be Paid Up Front

A reputable home improvement contractor stands behind their work. That being said, legitimate remodelers will only ask for the full payment after the job is completed and has passed your standards. Needless to say, be wary of contractors that ask for more than a third of a total cost. The same goes for those who only accept cash payments. Before paying anything, it’s best to check your local laws regarding down payment amount limits.

2. They Offer Left-Over Materials from Other Projects

A good contractor knows how much material is needed for every project, whether it’s a for roofing or a home improvement undertaking. Even if they offer discounts, you still shouldn’t trust a remodeler who gives you scraps from other projects.

3. They Don’t Put Anything in Writing

Written contracts are a crucial part of any home improvement project. Having everything in writing protects you against unscrupulous practices. A signed agreement or a formal contract is the best legal defense you have should anything go awry. If you do sign anything, make sure to always read the fine print.

Home improvement projects are a major investment, which is why you should only work with reputable contractors. If you ever need any professional roofing done, know that you can always trust Kroll Construction to give you excellent workmanship and unmatched professionalism.

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