Winter Maintenance: Why Remove Your Window Screens

Winter weather takes a toll on your home, so it’s important to take the necessary steps to keep it safe from damage. As you start planning the things you can do to protect both your interior and exterior, you may wonder if you should remove your window screens. The answer is yes – but if only you know how to do it without causing damage to the frame or if they are showing signs of wear.

Winter Maintenance: Why Remove Your Window Screens

If you do decide to take them out this winter, you may enjoy multiple benefits. Kroll Construction, one of the leading window and roofing contractors in the region, discusses some of the advantages of removing your window screens this season.

It Lets More Sunlight In

The absence of window screens allows more sunlight to enter your home. Most window screens have the ability to block up to 30% of sunlight and by taking them out this cold season, you can improve not just the light but also your interior’s comfort. The additional warmth provided can be helpful to reduce the amount of heating your home uses too, resulting in significant energy savings.

It Protects Your Windows

Window and roofing specialists can assure you that removing window screens this winter will actually keep window problems at bay. Once intense snow storms come, the elements will start to impact the screen, causing it to fade and corrode over time. The excess corrosion from the screen will then be carried onto the glass, leaving unsightly stains and damage that will require fixing later on.

It Makes Window Maintenance Easier

Another huge advantage of taking your window screens out in winter is that it becomes much easier to clean and maintain your windows. The lack of obstructions allows you to give a nice scrub to your window sills and frames. In addition, dirt and other debris won’t be able to get trapped between the screen and window, so you can keep your maintenance efforts to a minimum.

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