Window Replacement: What are Inserts and Full-Frame?

When it comes to wood window replacement, you need to consider a lot of factors to make sure you reap the benefits of your investment. Apart from size, design and functionality, you have to choose between insert or full-frame replacement.

Here’s a quick overview of these replacement methods and how they differ from one another:

Window Replacement: What are Inserts and Full-Frame?

Insert Window Replacement

Also called as frame-in-frame or pocket window replacement, this refers to installing windows within the existing frame. You’ll only have to remove and replace the old sash, covers and hardware. This is a cost-effective option when the frame is still structurally sound and you’re satisfied with the size, shape and style of your window.

Because of this, installation is much quicker and cheaper. You also get to retain your interior and exterior trim. However, not all types of windows can be replaced through inserts. These are more applicable to fiberglass and wood window replacement because their profiles are slim. Vinyl windows are not ideal for this method because they are typically thick and require a complete tear-out.

Full-Frame Window Replacement

Meanwhile, this refers to removing the entire window frame down to the studs and installing a new window in the opening. This allows your contractor to check the framing for signs of damage and address those before installing your new windows. This also offers versatility to replace with a new window style or size.

This method, however, is more complicated and comes with a higher price tag. You also need to change the interior and exterior trim, and if necessary, some of the siding. We recommend full-frame wood window replacement if you are remodeling your home or if your frames have sustained damage beyond repair.

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