Painting Vinyl Windows: Is It Possible?

Vinyl remains a popular choice of window materials for many reasons. It is known for its insulating properties and reliable performance. Plus, vinyl doesn’t require extensive maintenance. Vinyl windows also come with a sleek, appealing finish that can outlast regular paints. That said, many homeowners paint over old vinyl frames as a way to update a window’s appearance. The question is, is it a good idea? Kroll Construction answers this question here.

Painting Vinyl Windows

Yes, Vinyl Windows Can Be Painted

It is possible to paint your vinyl windows to make them more attractive again, but it will be challenging. Note that the material has a slippery surface, which means paint won’t adhere to it very easily. You’ll have to put in the effort – sand down the frames to make them rough, apply primer and paint. The color you choose will bond to the material, yes, but after a few years, the paint will peel or flake.

The Issues Associated with Painting Vinyl Windows

Painting your vinyl windows can lead to numerous issues. The primer that’s applied before the paint contains chemical substances that can soften the material and compromise its rigidity. Using dark-colored paint also causes the material to absorb and retain the sun’s heat for a long time, expediting damage. In both cases, it’s likely your window’s warranty will become invalid. The best solution: replace your old vinyl windows with new ones.

Vinyl Window Installation

Rather than deal with the extensive maintenance work of keeping your old vinyl windows in top shape, you’d be saving time and effort if you invest in replacement windows. At Kroll Construction, we install a wide selection of vinyl windows from AlsideĀ® and will work with you to choose the right size and style that fits your home’s aesthetics.

Our replacement window units have insulated vinyl frames that are more durable and far easier to maintain than wood windows. This means that the material won’t be susceptible to rotting, cracking and warping, as well as mold and mildew growth. Our windows also come equipped with low-emissivity (low-E) glass to keep your indoors comfortable year-round.

To get started with your window replacement today, give Kroll Construction a call at (888) 338-6340, or fill out our convenient online contact form. We’ll send one of our representatives to your home to measure your windows and provide you with a written estimate.

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