How Window Replacement Helps You Save Money

Getting new windows can be a costly project, but with the right windows, they can help you save money down the road. In today’s post, your local wood window replacement provider Kroll Construction discusses how window replacement can result in savings.

How Window Replacement Helps You Save Money

Energy Savings

One of the most popular features of today’s replacement windows is the potential energy savings. To better explain how it works, let us first discuss how an energy envelope works.

Every house has an energy envelope — an enclosure made of the roof, the exterior walls, and fenestrations, i.e. skylights, entry doors, and windows. These components are insulated to slow down thermal transfer and maintain consistent indoor temperatures, which can help reduce heat loss during the winter season and heat gain during the summer season. The savings would then be derived from the lower required output from the heating and cooling systems.

Most parts of the energy envelope feature insulation materials such as cellulose, fiberglass or expanding foam. Entry doors typically have cores filled with insulating material. Windows are mostly made of glass, so none of these materials would provide effective insulation. Glass also happens to be a naturally conductive material, which is why drafts are common near windows. Wood window replacement options are equipped with insulated glass, which are typically made with two or more glass panes. Separating the interior and exterior surfaces helps slow down thermal transfer, which effectively functions as an insulating layer.

Cleaning and Maintenance Costs

All windows require cleaning and maintenance, which costs money whether you prefer to do your own window cleaning or hire professionals to do so. Traditional windows, in particular, need to be repainted periodically to prevent moisture damage and to maintain their looks. Choosing low-maintenance replacement windows can help drive cleaning and maintenance costs down and help you save some of your maintenance budget.

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