How to Effectively Remove Hard Water Stains From Windows

Water is not the same everywhere. In some areas, the water coming from your tap may have a high concentration of minerals including calcium and magnesium. This kind of water is commonly referred to as hard water. While hard water is generally safe to drink and can even be beneficial for you, it can be a pain when used for cleaning windows as it has a tendency to leave a white residue that is difficult to get out. In today’s article, Kroll Construction, one of the top window companies in Michigan, shares how you can easily get rid of these pesky hard water stains.

How to Effectively Remove Hard Water Stains From Windows

How To Remove Hard Water Stains

If you are constantly having to deal with hard water stains on your windows, here’s how you can effectively get rid of them without too much effort.

1. Prepare a solution of half part vinegar and half part water in a large bucket or container.

2. Soak a clean, soft towel in the cleaning solution.

3. Press the damp towel onto a portion of your replacement windows and leave it there for about a minute to give the acid from the vinegar a little time to soften up the mineral deposits.

4. After giving it a brief soak, wipe your windows in a circular motion until the stains disappear. This process may have to be repeated depending on how tough the stains are.

5. Dry the window with a clean piece of soft cloth. At this point, you may want to shine your window to make it extra sparkly.

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