How to Choose the Right Windows for Every Room

Every room in your house comes with different needs. One might need more ventilation, while the other might require better daylighting. To help you make sound decisions for your next window replacement project, Kroll Construction shares some of the tried-and-tested options:

How to Choose the Right Windows for Every Room

Living Room

As one of the largest rooms in the house, it’s common for living rooms to feature large windows, but only if there’s a view you can frame. If you want to bring in more natural light into your home, then south-facing windows can be ideal. However, the heat can be overwhelming during summer, so take it into consideration when choosing windows.

If your living room has a patio door, then you might also want to consider pairing it with windows to create a seamless connection between your indoors and outdoors. This can bring in a revitalizing ambiance into your home. We recommend using coordinating trim and aligning the tops of the openings for the best results.


When it comes to bedroom windows, you should prioritize adequate air flow on warm nights. For this reason, casement and double-hung replacement windows make great options. If you have a second-floor bedroom and don’t have a back staircase, it’s important that your windows meet a specific size and sill height requirement to allow you to escape in case of a fire or other emergencies.


Most kitchens feature casement windows because they have a crank that you can easily reach over the sink or countertop. Just make sure that it won’t obstruct your pathways upon opening. 

If you have enough space on your kitchen walls, you can also consider bay windows. They offer more floor area which you can turn into a dining nook. They also make the room less claustrophobic.

As one of the premier window companies in the region, Kroll Construction can provide you with more tips on choosing the right windows for your home. Give us a call at (888) 338-6340 for more information. We offer our top-notch services to residents in Michigan.

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