Foggy Windows: Should You Be Worried?

Moisture on the windows can fog the glass, which some people may be alarmed upon seeing. In today’s post, local window replacement company Kroll Construction discusses what causes fogging and why it’s not, in most cases, a cause for alarm.

Foggy Windows

What Causes Fogging on Windows?

Fogging or condensation forms when moisture in the air meets a cooler surface. A non-window example is the droplets that form on a glass of cold water. The droplets didn’t come from the contents of the glass, but rather from the air surrounding it. You probably have had your eyeglasses fog up after coming out of a cold room. That’s because the room’s air conditioning had cooled the lenses down to the point that the moisture outside condensed on them as you went out. The same principle applies to windows. Fog forms on the window glass when it’s cooled down. The higher the humidity level, the more pronounced the condensation will be.

Should You Be Worried About Foggy Windows?

The good news is, you probably won’t be needing replacement windows if your existing ones are foggy. However, you have to pay attention to which side of the glass the condensation is forming.

If the window exterior appears to be foggy, it means the outdoor humidity levels are high. This usually happens during the summer season, when indoor temperatures are typically cooler than the outdoors. If the fogging happens on the inside, this indicates a good window seal because moisture from the indoors is not leaking. However, this also means that you have to control indoor humidity levels by running a dehumidifier.

If you have insulated windows — that is, windows equipped with double or triple-pane glass — fogging can be a problem if it’s forming between the glass panels. A standard insulated window glass is sealed because the vacuum between the glass panels creates a thermal barrier, which functions like an insulating layer. Fogging between these panels indicates a broken seal, which has allowed moisture to penetrate. If this is the case, the windows in question will need to be serviced or possibly replaced.

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