Choosing the Right SHGC Rating for Your Windows

Solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) ratings reflect how much solar heat gets inside the home by penetrating the glass. You should pay attention to this rating when shopping for new windows because it says a lot about your window’s energy efficiency. 

SHGC Rating for Your Window

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SHGC Ratings in a Nutshell

The lower the SHGC rating is, the smaller the amount of solar heat the window transmits. On the other hand, a higher SHGC rating allows your window to admit more solar radiation into your home, leading to a warmer indoor environment. The effect of your window’s SHGC on your comfort and safety depends on where your home is located. 

In Colder Areas

This is where windows with higher SHGC ratings — about 0.30 up to 0.60 — are ideal. These windows ensure your home can maximize the heat generated by sunlight. Since your home receives heat naturally, windows with a high SHGC rating can lower your reliance on your heating system. As a result, you will notice a decrease in your energy bills during winter.  

In Warmer Areas

You should buy windows with a lower SHGC rating, especially if you live in Southern regions. In these areas, it’s highly recommended to buy windows with an SHGC rating of less than 0.27. Since the climate is warm in these regions, it’s important that homes are kept cooler to ensure greater comfort. 

In Areas With a Mixed Climate 

Homes in the Northeastern and Midwest regions typically use both heating and cooling systems, so windows with an SHGC rating of less than 0.40 are recommended in these areas. 

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