6 Valuable Questions to Ask Window Replacement Contractors

Window contractors must perform any window repair and replacement project thoroughly. To do this, you’ll want to ask these questions that ensure your contractor is window manufacturer-certified, insured and can provide you with realistic milestones. Take note of the following inquiries below.

Window Replacement Contractors

Question 1: What Are Your Primary Services?

All window replacement specialists must work with you to find and install the perfect window set for your home. Some window replacement companies paint and varnish your new window frames and repair any small damage the installation has affected.

Question 2: Is Your Company Insured?

If you want to hire a window contractor for a job, it is important to check that they are fully insured. If the company is not insured, and something happens on the job site, you may be left with no recourse to take legal action against them. Working with an insured company will protect you from potential financial ruin if something goes wrong.

Question 3: How Much Time Will This Project Take?

Reliable window companies must have a realistic timeline to perform and accomplish your window replacement project. Having a fixed timeline makes it easy to plan and budget accordingly for labor, materials and emergency funds for sudden project issues.

Question 4: Did You Include Window Removal With My Estimate?

An accurate estimate allows you to compare the project’s complete materials and labor costs. It’s also important to know if your contractor will include window removal services in your estimate, even if it’s a ballpark figure, to make sure the project doesn’t go over budget.

Question 5: Will You Obtain The Permit For This Window Project?

Window contractors may be qualified to obtain the necessary permits for their customers. However, some contractors may leave this task to you, especially if regulations disallow contractors to obtain permits on behalf of homeowners.

Question 6: How Will We Address Service Issues After Installation?

Lastly, ensure that your roofing contractors will address any problems your window installation could have after installation. Post-installation problems can happen, even if you use the best teams around. Ask if your contractor can repair any issues with or without additional payment. In doing so, you can make an informed decision.

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