5 Commonly Believed Window Myths

Are you hesitant to replace your home’s outdated windows? A replacement window for a home can help homeowners with damaged, single-pane, ancient or inefficient windows, but there is a lot of misinformation out there.

Window Myths

To help you debunk some of the most common window replacement myths, Kroll Construction, a trusted windows company compiled a list of them in this blog article to assist you in making more informed decisions regarding your next window replacement project.

Myth 1: Window Replacement is Best Done in the Summer

The most common misconception is that proper window replacement can only be done in the summer. People think it’s the only way to do things. In reality, a skilled and experienced installer does not wait for a specific season to execute quality work.

Myth #2: Wooden Windows Cost a Lot of Money

It’s natural for homeowners to want the greatest materials. However, this frequently entails increased costs. While wood windows might be pricey at times, they are well worth the initial expenditure. They have a lifespan of up to 60 years and can be repainted and maintained to extend that time.

Myth #3: Windows have little impact on energy efficiency.

Don’t make the critical error of believing this top misconception. Homeowners might lose up to 70% of their energy through inefficient windows and doors, according to experts. To combat this, replacement windows experts recommend Low-E windows, which decrease drafts while preventing UV heat harm to your furniture.

Myth #4: All Windows Must Be Replaced At Once

One of the most common reasons homeowners put off replacing broken windows is the belief that they’ll have to repair all of them. There is no rule that stipulates this among contractors. Premier contractors will work with you to meet your individual goals while staying within your budget.

Myth #5:Do-It-Yourself Window Installation Saves Money

Replacing windows oneself saves money on labor, right? This common misconception can lead to poor window installation and structural damage. A proper fit is crucial when replacing windows, but homeowners make mistakes. A competent window replacement company should take the measurements and install the windows.

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