What defines a great home improvement and remodeling contractor?

Within the past 20 to 30 years remodeling has grown into a distinct profession that often requires the need of an overall expertise in home improvement. When beginning a home improvement or remodeling project there is a lot to consider. From design and budget to product and scheduling, there is a lot to manage beyond the construction it self and a contactor can be a true blessing. One of the first things asked is who is a good contractor? To answer this question you must first ask what makes a contractor good? Is there even such a thing and if so where can you go to locate one?

In 2008 Qualified Remodeler Magazine published that of the readers polled on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest; customers graded their overall satisfaction in this area with a grade of 6.29. The general professionalism of contractors earned an average score of 6.43. This meant that odds were a customer’s average experience had a 65% chance of being positive.

Although these odds might ruin plans for a picnic on a cloudy day, they can make customers rightfully squeamish about committing to a contractor that will ultimately have an intimate experience with your home and budget.

So when searching for one of the prized within the 65%, it is important to remember a few basic rules.

Be informed! The best way to ensure that you have secured yourself with the best available contractor is to ask questions. There are ways to check credentials and asking upfront or simply checking with other customers in the Detroit area are great ways to feel at ease about your decision. It’s important to note that Kroll Construction has testimonials from past customers available to view on line HERE.

Not only is others experience important, but also the experience of the contractor. Kroll Construction has been a leading kitchen remodeler, siding, window and roofing expert, and has stood out in home improvement for Detroit and Michigan for over 50 years. Founded in 1961 Kroll Construction has established it’s self as one of the top roofing, replacement window and siding installer, and kitchen and bath remodeling companies in Michigan

Kroll is a family business that has the experience, knowledge and resources to not only handle any job, but also give you the important personal touch that your family requires and deserves.

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