TEST.During our meeting last week, we discussed the issues encountered by the writers, editors, graphics team, and managers. Here’s an overview of the discussion:  Formatting According to Maureen, using the WordPress service here in Sendible will take
care of our formatting concerns
  • To start this post, the writer clicked Compose on the upper right hand corner of
    the screen. The next person who will receive this blog should see that
    the subheadings are in bold format and this phrase is underlined. There is
    no option to highlight the phrase. Tracked Changes  During the meeting, we
    also discussed the editing process, which includes tracking the changes done in
    the article. At this time, we don’t have this feature (or anything similar) on
  • Tracking changes is important for the writers, as it allows them to be aware of their
    mistakes and lets them know how they should write their articles in the future.  Readability Statistics Another concern discussed during the meeting is the Readability Statistics feature on MSWord that the Core Content department uses to measure the quality of the articles the team produces daily. This is also not available on Sendible. Another issue discussed in the meeting is the lack of counters for words and characters. The graphics team also found it difficult to resize images within Sendible.
After the meeting, Maureen, Anthony, Arvie, and Aileen decided to do another testing to check if the recent update on Sendible has solved some of our concerns.  This the end of the post. Editor’s note: The formatting looks great.  leaving this URL to check if it will be shortened.  Graphic Artist’s note: Attaching image files should appear as ‘files that come with the article’ not ‘inside’ the article because 1.) publishers grab

these image files 2.) the Approve/Reject window is too small for QA to

see the whole picture, thanks.
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