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Why Choose Kroll Construction for Your New Windows

While a wood window replacement is the go-to option for many homeowners, it isn’t always the best one. The variety of materials that have recently emerged can give you more benefits than these traditional types of windows. At Kroll Construction, we use high-quality vinyl window products from Alside® to match our outstanding installation services.

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How Our Replacement Windows Can Enhance Your Modern Home

Windows are an important element of modern architecture, even more so than in its traditional counterparts. Therefore quality windows are a must, and should not be skimped on. As one of the leading window companies who specializes in modern replacement windows, let Kroll Construction share how our replacement windows can benefit your modern home.

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Protecting Your Home Atmosphere with Energy-Saving Windows

Maintaining your home’s thermal envelope should be your priority, especially this cold season. This essential component helps keep the winter chill and moisture away, ensuring that your interior remains comfortable. If you’re starting to notice air leaks, condensation along walls, and increased heating bills, there might be an issue with your home’s thermal envelope.

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Know How Much Your Contractor Covers to Protect Your Investment

So you want to start a home improvement project, and you feel safe from liabilities because you have home insurance. But did you know that there are things that insurance companies won’t pay for, especially when you forget to inform the company of your plans to remodel something for your house? Some examples are mold growth, flooding, and most importantly, 

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