When Should You Get New Siding for Your Home?

Are you planning to get new siding for your home? If you answered yes, then you should think about scheduling your siding replacement during spring, which is considered the best time of the year. According to our roofing and siding experts, replacing the siding during this season has a few key benefits that you should be aware of. 

It’s Less Energy-Intensive

Replacing the siding during spring is more energy efficient than having it replaced any other time of the year. During the time your siding is being replaced, winters will demand a lot of heating to compensate for the partially-completed siding while summers will have you spend more energy trying to cool down. During spring, the temperature is much more manageable and less energy-intensive for your HVAC.

Materials Set Better

Because the temperatures are mild and consistent during spring as opposed to other times of the year, siding and roofing experts say that some materials will set better during this season. For example, hot summers can cause caulk to dry up too fast, causing it to get brittle while some types of coating take a lot longer to set during colder months like in fall or winter.

There are Fewer Disruptions

Although spring has its share of rain, the weather is much more consistent this time of the year. This is important when working on something as big as siding replacement because unexpected weather changes can lead to very costly delays. Your home is also more vulnerable to extreme weather until the new siding is completely installed.

Contractor’s Aren’t Too Busy

Most homeowners tend to schedule major siding and roof repair during autumn to prepare for the winter. Unfortunately, this also means that most siding and roofing contractors will have fully-booked schedules during that time of the year. Scheduling your siding replacement during spring is a lot easier since you have more siding contractors to choose from.

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