Vinyl Siding: 25 Years of Cladding Excellence

Vinyl siding has been the top cladding on homes since 1994. That gives it a 25-year reign after it passed aluminum, wood and also brick—some of the most common alternative choices. Of the 840,000 homes constructed last year, 215,000 used vinyl siding. Stucco, brick, fiber cement and wood took from 25 to 5 percent of the share. Other materials like aluminum took only 2 percent. Here’s a look at why vinyl siding is such a viable choice among American homeowners.

Vinyl Siding: 25 Years of Cladding Excellence

The Figures Rise Even Higher in Replacements

Vinyl siding has steadily risen as a component in American homes, but this is only looking at new construction. Vinyl siding also wins out in the expanding remodeling market. Replacements outstrip new construction as noted by many notable siding and roofing companies.

Tops Also in Curb Appeal

Homeowners looking for increased curb appeal tend to replace with like materials. It’s good news for vinyl siding. Nowadays, they come in vibrant colors and smooth modern profiles. They can withstand sunlight, winds of 210 mph, and impact damage. They also resist moisture and provide energy efficiency if insulated.

The Greatest Market Share

Vinyl siding has a commanding 28 percent of the national siding market. Over three-quarters of this come from replacements. That’s one of the highest among materials. It works to vinyl’s benefit to already be on so many homes. That’s why other materials struggle to compete against it. Most roofing contractors can attest to this.

It’s the Target of the Competition

The competition is unfolding at manufacturing plants, shows and conferences. Vinyl siding remains in the limelight when it comes to innovations, rivalries and even design restrictions.

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