Tips on How to Combine Siding Materials and Profiles

The combination of two or more different siding materials and profiles can create complex and often beautiful exteriors. In today’s post, local siding and roofing company Kroll Construction shares tips on how to achieve beautiful results with combinations of siding material.

Combine Siding Materials and Profiles

Different Colors for Different Profiles

Most house exteriors feature a palette that consists of three colors: main and contrasting colors for the roof and siding, and a third color for trim and similarly smaller sections. While conventional house designs dictate a single siding color, multiple colors can create unique visual textures and even highlight the siding’s style and profile. If you are mixing different siding profiles, a great way to highlight the difference is to choose different colors that work well together. Alternatively, choosing different shades of a base color can create distinction between different materials yet create a unified look.

Contrasting Textures

Using the same texture across different style profiles can diminish the visual impact of the siding. The contrast in the natural texture of materials can create a greater visual impact compared to different shaped siding made of the same material. For example, the differences in texture are more pronounced between traditional clapboard siding and hand-cut shakes than with the same styles made of extruded material like vinyl or fiber cement. This is why, even with advances in manufacturing technology, siding and roofing companies like us offer more than one type of siding material.

It’s worth noting that using different siding materials means you have to be aware of their individual maintenance requirements. The ones that are made of natural wood require more maintenance than, say, fiber cement, and should therefore be taken into consideration when choosing siding material.

Different Profiles for Different Levels

A change between siding profiles can highlight the difference between the upper and lower levels of the building. Instead of a monolithic exterior, different profiles can highlight the different levels of your home. Choosing traditional clapboard siding on the lower floor and board-and-batten siding on the upper floor is a popular example of this.

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