Mix and Match: Choosing the Right Siding for Your Home Style

Did you know that siding makes up almost half of your home’s exterior? This makes it one of the most important parts of your home in terms of aesthetics and protection against the elements. Unfortunately, choosing a design for your siding replacement is easier said than done.  

Mix and Match: Choosing the Right Siding for Your Home Style

When selecting a siding design, it’s best to start with your home style. DIfferent home styles tend to go well with a specific type of siding. Kroll Construction, one of the area’s top local siding and roofing companies, shows you the best siding to match common home styles.

Cape Cod

This architectural style is characterized by simplicity, comfort and practicality. Traditional Cape Cods have steep roofs with side gables, small overhangs as well as shingle siding with contrasting trims. Today, many houses of this style feature two storeys or added wings. Cape Cods usually go well with traditional clapboard, beaded or Dutchlap as its main exterior cladding. At Kroll Construction, we offer vinyl siding in light to medium shades to match this home style.


Featuring a basic rectangular and symmetrical design, Georgian homes come with hipped or gabled roofs with small overhangs. Their lower level usually shows a paneled front door in between a symmetrical row of single windows while the upper row has a series of five windows. As with Cape Cods, Georgian homes are ideal with traditional clapboard, but with deeper colors such as browns, greens and reds. As your go-to siding and roofing company, Kroll Construction offers siding design and colors that would match this type of home.

French Colonial

Known for their raised porches, French Colonial homes feature steep, hipped roofs that extend over a wide porch with slender columns. Their narrow paired French doors and windows emphasize their tradition of being externally focused. As such, French Colonial homes are perfect with clapboard siding – vinyl, beaded or Dutchlap – in light and medium palettes. Softer hues work best with them because their style inclines to soft island and southern colors.

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