How Siding Replacement Can Minimize Outdoor Noise

Many homeowners living in cities face the everyday challenge of unwanted noise from cars, neighbors and pedestrians. The transmission of outside noise into your house is something you would like to minimize, especially when you want to rest. Fortunately, you can address this problem through home improvements such as a siding replacement. 

Siding Replacement

In this article, Kroll Construction discusses the role of your siding in outdoor sound transmission, the best siding options for reducing noise and other ways to soundproof your home.

Siding as a Noise Barrier

If you live in a crowded and busy area, you need an extra layer of barrier to dampen outdoor noise. Getting a new siding with sufficient thickness and weight can help reduce the noise that enters your home. Generally, the thicker and heavier the material, the more effective the siding is at noise insulation. 

Choosing the Best Siding Material

  • Vinyl Siding

Compared to other siding materials like aluminum, cement and brick, vinyl is generally more effective in reducing noise transmission. It can help insulate your house from sounds that have a frequency lower than 4 kHz.

  • Stone Siding

For frequencies higher than 4 kHz, stone siding is an excellent choice. Based on tests, siding types made of stone or other natural materials are capable of blocking louder noise.  

Extra Tips for Noise Reduction

Your walls and siding might not be enough, especially if you live on a busy street. Here are some other ways to achieve a quieter home:

  • Install multipaned windows.
  • Add foliage, like trees and conifers.
  • Opt for brick or stone walls. 

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