8 Things to Do Before Your Siding Contractor Arrives

Any home improvement project like wood window replacement or new siding installation requires ample preparation on the part of the homeowner. For a siding replacement project, be sure to consult your potential contractor. Aside from inquiring about the cost and materials to be used in the project, also ask about the timeline so you can manage your expectations and adequately prepare before the work starts.

8 Things to Do Before Your Siding Contractor Arrives

Before Your Siding Contractor Arrives

After you have chosen the contractor and reviewed everything in your contract, the next step is to prepare your home before the scheduled work. Here are the steps you should take while waiting for your siding installation schedule

  1. Trim the grass on your lawn to make it easier for the workers to use a magnetic nail finder to recover nails and staples that may have gone astray during the installation.
  2. Trim or tie back the trees and shrubs near your home.
  3. Clear away potted plants, gardening tools, patio furniture, and other items that are near your home’s exterior.
  4. Inside the home, remove pictures, shelves, attached or near your interior walls. The vibrations from removing old siding and installing new ones may knock off your valuables so it is better to be safe.
  5. Keep your driveway clear to allow workers access to your home during hauling away of old siding materials and delivery of new ones.
  6. Park your cars far from the home to avoid them from being damaged during the installation.
  7. Ensure that your children and pets are away from the work area.
  8. Lastly, siding and wood window replacement experts recommend cutting off the power for your exterior lights to prevent the risk of shock.

Working With the Right Siding Contractor

Siding replacement will not only improve your home’s curb appeal but will also better protect your interior and extend the life of your home. Thus choose only a contractor that uses high-quality materials and provides great workmanship. Kroll Construction uses high-quality and easy-to-maintain vinyl siding material from Alside®

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