7 Important Siding Terms Every Homeowner Needs to Know

Siding is the external layer that protects your home against rain, snowfall and other weather conditions. However, its installation and repair procedures are complex and require various parts and components with their own vocabulary set. Here are seven siding terms to be familiar with when explaining your siding issues.

Siding Terms
  1. Batten – Battens are thin strips of wood or metal used to secure siding to the wall. Battens are most often used on walls with a different style of siding. For example, battens are used to attach vertical siding on walls with formerly horizontal siding.
  2. Buttlock – Buttlocks provide a method of joining two pieces of siding together. They are pipe sections, usually hollow metal, inserted into holes drilled into the siding and nailed to the studs on each side of each joint. Buttlocked joints provide a good degree of strength to a structure due to the lack of any visible fasteners.
  3. Drip Cap – The drip cap is a small, slanted roof on the top of the wall made of metal or plastic. The drip cap is used to protect the siding from moisture and debris. It is typically installed on the top of a brick or stone wall, turning it into a rain gutter. 
  4. Exposure – Exposure in siding are thin strips of material that are placed along the edge of the exterior siding. They may be made of plastic, aluminum or vinyl and can be either continuous or in sheets. Exposures are commonly used to seal up gaps in the edge of the siding or to cover any exposed nails or screws.
  5. Face Nail – Face nails are one of many types of nails that can be used to install any siding set. Face nails keep the siding from warping or bending out of shape when the pressure from a piece of siding is placed on it. Face nails are spaced at 45 degrees, so they do not come into contact with the wood.
  6. Flange – Flanges are the raised protrusions on the sides of a panel or the edge of a door. These are used to attach siding to the framing and to one another.
  7. Locking Leg – Locking legs are typically used on aluminum, vinyl and vinyl-coated steel siding. These locking legs are used to prevent the siding from shifting in windy conditions and, in some cases, to keep water from seeping behind the siding.

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