6 Top Benefits of Metal Siding

Siding and roofing contractors have known for decades that metal siding should not be limited to commercial and industrial use only. While commercial building owners have long preferred and touted metal siding for its inherent lack of maintenance requirements and its durability, most homeowners are not convinced that they should use it as the siding for their houses. Many believe it’s too plain and “industrial-looking”.

6 Top Benefits of Metal Siding

Times have changed, though. Today, more homeowners favor metal over other siding materials. If you’re still on the fence about this, here are some common benefits you will enjoy with metal siding:

Highly Durable

Metal can last longer than other materials. You don’t have to worry about critters gaining access into your home through metal. It’s resistant to impact from debris during bad weather. It doesn’t crack, so it also protects your home from moisture penetration when installed properly. Like metal roofing, metal siding will last a long time.


Install it and forget it. Metal siding does not require a lot of attention to last long. You can simply hose it down once in a while to keep it looking new. You don’t need any special chemicals to clean it.

Won’t Fuel Fires

Metal doesn’t catch on fire. It’s an effective fire retardant to keep your home safe. It can help slow down fire so it doesn’t spread to other areas.

Available in Many Styles

Many metal siding manufacturers today are capable of making siding of different styles. Some of those styles mimic the look of other siding products too. You don’t have to worry about your home looking plain and boring. It’s also available in many color choices.


Metal siding is lightweight when compared to other siding options. It’s tough but it’s easier for contractors to install.

Perfect for Insulation

Metal offers a durable cover that improves your home’s insulation. Insulating materials installed behind metal siding are protected from moisture and pests. Metal also offers great solar reflectance, especially when you choose a highly reflective color.

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