4 Key Differences Between Vertical and Horizontal Siding

The most obvious difference between vertical and horizontal siding is its orientation. However, when choosing between these two siding styles, one must look beyond this. The siding and roofing contractors at Kroll Construction share four key differences between vertical and horizontal siding.

Vertical and Horizontal Siding

1. Aesthetic appeal. Siding orientation can have a different visual effect on the same house. Most people would be familiar with horizontal siding, which includes clapboard and Dutch lap siding. Horizontal siding has a more conventional look, which is why it’s typically seen on traditional-style homes. Vertical siding, on the other hand, works best with modern or contemporary homes, as it creates the illusion of height.

2. Ease of installation. With horizontal siding being the more common siding style, more roofing and siding installers are familiar with it, which means the installation timeline can be shorter and finding knowledgeable contractors won’t be as difficult. Installing vertical siding, meanwhile, is more intricate and has to be installed by trained professionals. It’s important to hire contractors that have experience installing it, better so if they are trained or certified by a siding manufacturer. It is worth the effort of finding them, as they will offer more latitude with your home’s exterior design.

3. Cost. There is not much difference in manufacturing vertical and horizontal siding. However, the installation costs of vertical siding may be higher because it requires additional labor. Also, certain styles like board-and-batten siding may require a second set of siding — the “batten” part — which may raise both material and labor cost.

4. Durability. Most types of siding are exceptionally durable. If installed properly, siding can withstand many years of exposure to the elements. However, vertical siding is more resistant to moisture infiltration from heavy rainfall because it has fewer seams per square foot. Also, its vertical orientation allows rainwater to flow down and away from the seams.

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